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Pia van den Beuken is a Dutch filmmaker, illustrator and conceptual storyteller

 based in Rotterdam. She holds a BFA in Illustration from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (2018). 

For Pia the world around her is one big documentary film. Everyone is playing a certain role in it and is in some way connected but they don't know this yet.

In her work she follows her deep curiosity through illustration, film, interactive performances, animations, installations, rituals, public interventions and creative thinking. By experiencing her own storytelling, through living on a sailing boat, expeditions in nature, filming seaweeds with an underwater camera, travelling abroad and putting up a curious look at the world around, she comes up with refreshing perspectives to tell these stories.


For example, she gives children's workshops about weather phenomena by making a cinematic weather forecast or a cloud theatre play. she draws area maps like a comic strip in which the visitor has to imagine the small life of a plant seed and she is now busy illustrating a children's book about a sailing trip she made in 2019 across the Pacific.


She finds the fact that every person or non-person perceives the world the same, but experiences and explains it differently, interesting.

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