Videoclip for the National Opera & Ballet in collaboration with Opera Forward Festival.  In the videoclip we are investigating how we can use images to find a metaphor for how the virus spreads, moves and jumps to others. It is about the amount of rules that have been added which point out what is not allowed, and about the thoughts that these restrictions will entail. The duplication of those thoughts, and the body that fights against them - we try to show that. We are looking for the fight for freedom within yourself. We show the embodiment of that fight within yourself.

Director: Gregory Caers

Edit: Pia van den Beuken & Ciska Mei
Cinematographer: Pia van den Beuken, Marte Bosma & Ciska Mei
AD: Zoscha van Erkel
Film Producer: Pia van den Beuken

Executive Producer: Pieter Heebink
Gaffer: Jasper Nijholt
Music:  Bas Gaakeer

Screenshot 2021-03-01 at 13.57.31.jpg