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The Art of Zaaien is a performative intervention in which we try to get the visitor involved in the life of a seed. The performance took place in a nature reserve in Rotterdam. In collaboration with Landschaps Onderhoud Rotterdam en de Gemeente Rotterdam, we have researched which native species belong in this area. Via a sowing machine we brought these specific seeds back home. The sowing machine is built from all kinds of materials from the area itself and is inspired by the peat wagons which were used to work the land in the same area back in the days. 

The performance started with a meditation in which we left the human body to become a seed. With the help of a small publication with drawings of the native plants, the visitor could better empathize with the life of a seed. In the publication we explained what kind of soil the plant likes, the amount of sun, water, does the plant want to stand alone or with several species? Who are the enemies? etc. After the meditation we started walking on the land with our sowing machine to carefully search for right spots to settle down as a seed. 

During the spring & summer season we did this performance multiple times at different spots around the area to invite the citizens of the neighbourhood to join. Also we did a collaboration with MOMO Festival Rotterdam. 

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